Dog Ear Support (Strut)

Introducing the Dog Ear Support (Strut), perfect for puppies with floppy ears. Simply glue them in for 3 weeks, then remove for 1 week before reapplying for another 3 weeks. Crafted from lightweight yet durable material, it provides reliable support for your pet’s ears, ensuring a comfortable and effective solution.


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Dog Ear Support (Strut)

The Dog Ear Support (Strut) is an innovative solution designed specifically for puppies with floppy ears. Crafted from lightweight yet durable material, these supports offer reliable assistance in keeping your pet’s ears upright and well-supported.

Easy Application:

These supports are incredibly easy to apply. Simply glue them in place for a period of three weeks. This initial application period allows your puppy’s ears to adjust and strengthen. After three weeks, remove the supports for a week-long break before reapplying them for another three-week cycle.

Comfortable and Effective:

The Dog Ear Support (Strut) ensures both comfort and effectiveness for your furry friend. The lightweight design ensures that your puppy won’t feel weighed down or uncomfortable. Instead, they can enjoy the benefits of properly supported ears without any discomfort.

Reliable Support:

With these supports in place, you can trust that your puppy’s ears are getting the support they need. Whether your pet is playing, resting, or exploring, these supports provide consistent and reliable assistance, ensuring that your puppy’s ears remain in the desired position.


Invest in the Dog Ear Support (Strut) to provide your puppy with the support they need for their floppy ears. With its easy application, comfortable design, and reliable support, it’s the perfect solution for ensuring your pet’s ears stay upright and healthy.

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