Dr Clauders Puppy Milk 450g

Introducing Dr. Clauder’s Puppy Milk Powder 450g, the optimal milk substitute ensuring balanced nutrition for nursing mothers and their pups. Formulated with Omega-3 and FOS, it meets the mother’s high protein needs while supporting the health of weak or old dogs. Easily digestible, it fosters healthy growth without causing discomfort.


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Nutritious Puppy Milk Substitute

Pamper your furry family members with Dr. Clauder’s Puppy Milk Powder 450g, a meticulously crafted milk substitute designed to provide essential nourishment for nursing mothers and their precious pups.

Balanced Nutrition for Optimal Growth

Crafted with care, this puppy milk powder offers a well-balanced blend of nutrients, including Omega-3 and FOS (fructooligosaccharides), to meet the high protein requirements of nursing mothers while supporting the health and vitality of weak or older dogs.

Gentle on Delicate Digestive Systems

Dr. Clauder’s Puppy Milk Powder is formulated to be easily digestible, ensuring that even the most delicate of stomachs can enjoy its benefits without discomfort. Say goodbye to digestive issues and hello to healthy, happy pups!

Fosters Healthy Growth and Development

Give your pups the best start in life with this premium milk substitute. With Dr. Clauder’s Puppy Milk Powder, you can rest assured that your furry companions are receiving the nutrients they need to thrive, promoting healthy growth and development from day one.


In conclusion, Dr. Clauder’s Puppy Milk Powder 450g is the ideal choice for nurturing nursing mothers and their pups, offering balanced nutrition, digestibility, and support for optimal growth and development. Treat your furry family members to the very best with this exceptional milk substitute.

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