Greyhound Muzzle

Introducing the Greyhound Muzzle – the ideal solution for dog owners seeking a secure yet humane way to manage their pet’s behavior. This Ultra Muzzle allows dogs to pant and drink during walks or extended wear, ensuring their comfort. Crafted from strong Thermo Plastic Rubber (TPR), it provides safety by preventing bites. Its unique heat-shapable design ensures a custom fit for different dog nose shapes. Perfect for daily walks and reactive dogs, offering a comfortable and secure solution for small, medium, or large-sized dogs.

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Features & Compatibility

Ultra Comfort for Your Canine Companion

Secure & Humane: The Greyhound Muzzle is the perfect solution for dog owners prioritizing both security and humane treatment. Crafted from robust Thermo Plastic Rubber (TPR), this Ultra Muzzle ensures the safety of your furry friend by preventing bites.

Custom Fit, Maximum Comfort: The unique heat-shapable design allows for a custom fit tailored to different dog nose shapes. Just like a mouthguard, it can be shaped using warm water, providing unparalleled comfort during daily walks or extended wear.

Tailored for Daily Walks and Reactive Dogs

Pant and Drink Freely: This innovative muzzle allows dogs to pant and drink, addressing their needs during walks or stressful situations. Whether for daily walks or handling reactive dogs, the Greyhound Muzzle offers a secure and comfortable solution for dogs of all sizes.

Training Made Easy: Ideal for reactive dogs, this muzzle enables training and positive reinforcement. Reward your dog for good behavior in challenging situations like encounters with other dogs, people, or visits to the vet.

Strong, Safe, and Versatile Design

Thermo Plastic Rubber Construction: The Greyhound Muzzle is built with strong Thermo Plastic Rubber (TPR), ensuring durability and safety. This material provides a secure barrier while maintaining your dog’s well-being.

Lockable Straps for Extra Security: Featuring a lockable neck strap clip, head strap, and collar attachment, this muzzle goes the extra mile in ensuring your dog’s security. Choose the Greyhound Muzzle for a reliable, comfortable, and versatile solution for dogs of all sizes.

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