Nunbell Pet Feeding Bottle

Introducing Nunbell Pet Feeding Bottle, your pet’s ultimate nourishment companion. Crafted with a soft, eco-friendly, non-toxic nipple, it ensures your pet’s safety. Specifically tailored for small puppies, kittens, and newborns, it features a surface scale for precise feeding control. Plus, the included brush simplifies hassle-free cleaning. Liquid capacity: 60ml. Feed with care.


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Introducing Nunbell Pet Feeding Bottle

Your furry friend’s well-being is a top priority, and the Nunbell Pet Feeding Bottle is designed with their safety and comfort in mind.

Tailored Nourishment for Small Pets

Crafted with a soft, eco-friendly, non-toxic nipple, this feeding bottle provides a gentle and safe feeding experience for small puppies, kittens, and newborn pets. The soft material ensures your pet’s comfort during feeding, while also prioritizing their health with non-toxic components.

Precise Feeding Control

The Nunbell Pet Feeding Bottle features a surface scale, offering precise control over the feeding process. This allows you to accurately measure and administer the right amount of nourishment to your pet, ensuring they receive the appropriate intake for their size and needs.

Hassle-Free Cleaning

We understand the importance of cleanliness when it comes to your pet’s feeding accessories. That’s why the Nunbell Pet Feeding Bottle comes with an included brush, making cleaning a breeze. Maintain hygiene effortlessly, ensuring your pet’s health and safety with every use.

Liquid Capacity: 60ml

With a liquid capacity of 60ml, this feeding bottle provides an ample amount of nourishment for your pet without unnecessary refills. Whether at home or on the go, you can rely on the Nunbell Pet Feeding Bottle to keep your furry companion satisfied and healthy.

Feed with care, nurture with love.

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