Puppy Training Pads (10 Sheets)

Introducing Petsentials Puppy Training Pads! With a powerful absorbent core, leak-proof quilting, and odor-neutralizing technology, these pads simplify toilet training for your new furry friend. Infused with lavender attraction to encourage usage and equipped with adhesive tapes for secure placement, making toilet training a breeze. Reward success for seamless training!


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Petsentials Puppy Training Pads (10 Sheets)

Petsentials Puppy Training Pads offer a comprehensive solution to toilet training your newest family member. With a robust absorbent core and leak-proof quilting, accidents are contained, easing the training process for both you and your pet.

Enhanced Training Experience

Infused with lavender attraction, these pads naturally encourage your puppy to use them, reinforcing positive behaviors during training. The odor-neutralizing technology maintains a fresh environment, essential for successful training sessions.

Equipped with adhesive tapes, these pads ensure secure placement, preventing any slips or movement during use. Simplify the toilet training process and celebrate your pet’s successes with Petsentials Puppy Training Pads.

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