Reflex Plus Cat Food

Reflex Plus cat food is a Turkish cat food brand tailored specifically to meet the needs of your pet cat. It is a premium version of Reflex cat food. Reflex Plus is formulated to meet your cat’s dietary needs according to different life stages, activity levels, or health conditions.

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Features & Compatibility

Reflex Plus Cat Food Variants

Kitten Food Chicken: It is specifically designed for cats of all breeds from 2-12 months of age. The food contains 36% protein, 19% crude fat, taurine, vitamins A, D3, E, and C. It is available in sizes of 1.5kg, 8kg, and 15kg.

Adult Cat Food Chicken: Adult cats need less protein than kittens. Reflex Plus adult cat food with chicken contains 33% protein, 14% crude fat, and all the other necessary nutrients. It is available in 1.5kg and 15kg variants.

Adult Cat Food – Gourmet with Chicken: The multi-colored food is best for picky eaters. You can feed it to cats of all breeds above 12 months. It comes in a standard size of 1.5kg.

Adult Cat Food – Hairball & Indoor: It is a perfect food for all indoor cats above 12 months with long hair. The food is loaded with an anti-hairball effect, salmon flavor, 34% protein, 14% crude fat, taurine, and all the other necessary nutrients. It comes in 1.5kg packing.

Adult Cat Food – Urinary Health Support: It is an excellent and affordable option for cats with urinary issues. The food contains all the necessary nutrients required to maintain good health in cats with urinary problems. It is also available in 1.5kg size.

Reflex Plus Cat Food Ingredients

The ingredients in Reflex Plus cat food change according to the variant. The most important thing about ingredients is that 92% of protein comes from animal ingredients. There are no objectionable ingredients in this food. Since it is made in Türkiye, you don’t have to worry about the inclusion of any Haraam ingredients.

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Adult Cat Food Chicken (1.5kg), Adult Cat Food Chicken (15kg), Kitten Food Chicken (1.5kg), Kitten Food Chicken (8kg), Kitten Food Chicken (15kg), Gourmet with Chicken Cat Food (1.5kg), Hairball n Indoor with Salmon (1.5kg), Urinary Chicken Adult Cat Food (1.5kg)

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