Beef Heart Slices Jerky Dog Treat

Introducing our Beef Heart Slices Jerky Dog Treats, weighing 70g and ideal for all life stages. With a minimum protein content of 65% and low fat at 6%, these treats are a nutritious choice for your beloved canine companion. Perfect for training or simply as a reward, they ensure your dog enjoys a delicious and healthy treat experience.


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Beef Heart Slices Jerky Dog Treat

Give your dog a taste of pure delight with our Beef Heart Slices Jerky Dog Treat. This 70g pack of jerky treats is perfect for dogs of all life stages, offering a high-protein, low-fat snack that supports your dog’s health and happiness.

Premium Quality Beef Heart

Our Beef Heart Slices are made from premium quality beef heart, providing a rich and savory flavor that dogs love. Each slice is carefully prepared to maintain the natural taste and nutritional value, ensuring your dog enjoys every bite.

Perfect for All Life Stages

Whether you have a playful puppy, an active adult, or a wise senior, these jerky treats are suitable for dogs at any life stage. The high-protein content supports growth and muscle maintenance, making it an ideal treat for dogs of all ages.

High Protein Content

With a minimum of 65% protein, our Beef Heart Slices Jerky Dog Treats help maintain your dog’s muscle health and overall well-being. Protein is essential for your dog’s diet, providing the necessary energy for daily activities and promoting a healthy, active lifestyle.

Low Fat

Containing only 6% fat, these jerky treats offer a lean, healthy option for your dog. The low-fat content helps manage your dog’s weight while still providing a delicious treat they will enjoy.

Ideal for Training and Rewarding

The Beef Heart Slices Jerky Dog Treats are perfect for training sessions, rewarding good behavior, or simply showing your dog some love. The natural, chewy texture makes them a satisfying and engaging treat for your furry friend.


Beef heart is a nutrient-dense organ meat, rich in essential vitamins and minerals. These treats provide a natural source of vitamins like B12, riboflavin, and niacin, contributing to your dog’s overall health.

Convenient Packaging

Each 70g pack of Beef Heart Slices Jerky Dog Treats is conveniently sized for easy storage and handling. Whether you’re at home or on the go, these treats are a hassle-free way to keep your dog happy and satisfied.

Show your dog how much you care with our Beef Heart Slices Jerky Dog Treat. With their high-protein, low-fat content and delicious taste, these treats are sure to become your dog’s favorite snack. Treat your dog to the best with our premium jerky treats!

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