Bioline Dog Flea & Tick Deinsectization Shampoo 250 ml

Bioline Flea & Tick Deinsectization Shampoo provides robust protection against fleas and ticks for your dog. This 250 ml shampoo is formulated with potent anti-parasitic ingredients that effectively cleanse and repel pests, ensuring your pet remains free from these annoying and harmful parasites. Gentle on the skin and coat, it’s suitable for regular use to maintain a clean and healthy coat while safeguarding against infestations. Keep your dog protected and their coat refreshed with Bioline Flea & Tick Deinsectization Shampoo.


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Features & Compatibility

Effective Protection Against Fleas and Ticks

Bioline Flea & Tick Deinsectization Shampoo is specifically formulated to provide robust protection for your dog against fleas and ticks. This 250 ml shampoo combines thorough cleansing with potent anti-parasitic ingredients to effectively eliminate existing pests and repel new infestations.

Gentle and Nourishing Formula

Crafted with a gentle and nourishing formula, this shampoo is designed to be gentle on your dog’s skin and coat, making it suitable for regular use without causing dryness or irritation. It maintains the natural balance of the skin while ensuring thorough cleansing.

Long-lasting Defense

The advanced formulation of this shampoo offers long-lasting defense against annoying and potentially harmful parasites, helping to keep your dog protected and comfortable between baths.

Promotes Clean and Healthy Coat

In addition to its anti-parasitic properties, Bioline Flea & Tick Deinsectization Shampoo also promotes a clean and healthy coat. Regular use ensures that your dog’s fur remains free from dirt, grease, and unpleasant odors, enhancing their overall appearance and well-being.

Safe and Reliable

Formulated with safety in mind, this shampoo provides a reliable solution for maintaining your dog’s hygiene and health without compromising on effectiveness. It is trusted by pet owners for its quality and efficacy in parasite control.

Easy Application

The shampoo is easy to apply and rinse off, making bath time a hassle-free experience for both you and your pet. Its convenient application ensures thorough coverage and effective pest control with every use.

Trusted by Pet Owners

Bioline Dog Flea & Tick Deinsectization Shampoo reflects our commitment to providing pet-friendly solutions that prioritize both cleanliness and the well-being of your beloved companion.

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