Bravacto 40-56KG (1 Tab in Box)

Introducing Bravecto 40-56KG, the ultimate solution for your dog’s flea and tick protection. This tasty chewable tablet, featuring fluralaner, offers up to 12 weeks of defense. Once ingested, fluralaner swiftly acts against fleas and ticks within hours, ensuring lasting security for your furry friend. Plus, its internal application means no hassle during cuddles or baths.


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Introducing Bravecto 40-56KG

Protect your furry friend with the ultimate solution for flea and tick prevention. Bravecto 40-56KG offers a convenient and effective way to safeguard your dog against these pesky parasites.

Long-lasting Defense

With just one tasty chewable tablet, featuring the active ingredient fluralaner, your dog can enjoy up to 12 weeks of continuous protection. Say goodbye to the hassle of monthly treatments and hello to peace of mind knowing your pet is shielded from fleas and ticks.

Rapid Action

Once ingested, Bravecto 40-56KG gets to work swiftly, with fluralaner acting against fleas and ticks within hours. This rapid action ensures that your dog is protected from the moment they take the tablet, providing quick relief from any existing infestations and preventing future ones.

Hassle-free Application

Forget about messy topical treatments or hard-to-administer sprays. Bravecto 40-56KG is administered orally, making it a breeze to give to your pet. No need to worry about avoiding water or contact with other pets after application—simply give your dog the chewable tablet and continue with your daily routine.

Peace of Mind

With Bravecto 40-56KG, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your dog is protected against fleas and ticks. Whether they love exploring the great outdoors or prefer lounging indoors, this long-lasting defense provides continuous protection, allowing your pet to live life to the fullest without the worry of parasite infestations.

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