Catnip Powder (or Cat Coke) for Cats

Introducing Cat Coke, the ultimate treat for your feline friend. Made from premium catnip powder, this irresistible blend will have your cat rolling, rubbing, and maybe even drooling with delight. Derived from Nepeta cataria, it contains the potent nepetalactone that triggers those playful reactions. Get ready for some serious zoomies and pure feline joy!


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Introducing Cat Coke: The Ultimate Feline Treat

Indulge your beloved cat with Cat Coke, an extraordinary blend crafted from the finest catnip powder. Specially formulated to entice and delight your furry companion, Cat Coke promises an unparalleled experience of joy and excitement.

Premium Quality Catnip Powder

Cat Coke is made from premium-quality catnip powder sourced from Nepeta cataria, ensuring its potency and effectiveness. Nepeta cataria, commonly known as catnip, contains nepetalactone, a natural compound that stimulates your cat’s senses, encouraging playful behavior and exploration.

Irresistible Feline Delight

Prepare to witness your cat’s excitement as they encounter the tantalizing aroma of Cat Coke. Whether they’re rolling, rubbing, or engaging in spirited play, Cat Coke promises to evoke pure delight and happiness in your feline friend.

Trigger Playful Reactions

The potent nepetalactone found in Cat Coke is known to trigger a range of playful reactions in cats, from energetic zoomies to contented purring. Watch as your cat becomes thoroughly enthralled by the captivating effects of Cat Coke.

Pure Feline Joy

With Cat Coke, every moment becomes an opportunity for pure feline joy. Treat your cat to the ultimate sensory experience and enhance their well-being with this irresistible blend of catnip powder.

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