Perssa Dog Multi Vitamin Paste 100GM

Introducing our Dog Multi Vitamin Paste, a 100gm powerhouse of essential nutrients specially formulated to support your canine companion’s overall health. Packed with vitamins and minerals, this delicious paste is easy to administer and ensures your dog receives the vital nutrients they need for a vibrant, active lifestyle.


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Dog Multi Vitamin Paste 100GM

A Nutrient-Rich Solution for Your Canine Friend

Ensuring your furry friend’s well-being just got easier with our Dog Multi Vitamin Paste. This specially formulated paste is a powerhouse of essential nutrients designed to support your dog’s overall health and vitality.

Essential Vitamins and Minerals

Packed with a carefully selected blend of vitamins and minerals, our paste provides your dog with the necessary nutrients for optimal health. From vitamin A for vision to vitamin D for bone strength, each serving ensures your canine companion receives a balanced intake of essential vitamins and minerals.

Easy Administration

Administering our Dog Multi Vitamin Paste is a breeze. Simply dispense the recommended amount onto your dog’s food or allow them to lick it directly from your finger. Its delicious flavor makes it an enjoyable treat for your pet, ensuring they eagerly look forward to their daily dose of nutrients.

Promotes Vibrant, Active Lifestyle

With regular use, our paste supports your dog’s energy levels, mobility, and overall well-being. Whether your dog is a playful pup or a seasoned senior, our Dog Multi Vitamin Paste helps them maintain a vibrant and active lifestyle.


Invest in your dog’s health and happiness with our Dog Multi Vitamin Paste. With its convenient administration and nutrient-rich formula, it’s the perfect solution for ensuring your canine companion thrives every day.

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