Puppy Choke Lead with Collar

Introducing our Puppy Choke Lead with Collar, crafted with durable bridle leather for lasting quality. With a generous 72″ length, it grants your pup freedom to explore under your watchful eye. Complete with a convenient D-ring for waste bags, enjoy walks with peace of mind and control.


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Puppy Choke Lead with Collar

Durable Bridle Leather Construction

Crafted with utmost care and attention to detail, our Puppy Choke Lead with Collar boasts a construction of high-quality bridle leather. This material ensures longevity and durability, promising a reliable accessory for your furry companion’s walks and outings.

Generous 72″ Length

Designed to offer ample freedom without compromising control, this puppy choke lead comes with a generous length of 72 inches. This extended reach allows your puppy to explore and roam within your supervision, fostering a sense of independence while ensuring safety.

Convenient D-Ring for Waste Bags

Experience hassle-free walks with your puppy courtesy of the built-in D-ring for waste bags. This thoughtful addition ensures that you’re always prepared to clean up after your pet, promoting cleanliness and tidiness during your outdoor adventures.

Peace of Mind and Control

With our Puppy Choke Lead with Collar, enjoy walks with unparalleled peace of mind and control. The sturdy construction and well-designed features of this lead enable you to guide your pup confidently, fostering a harmonious walking experience for both you and your furry friend.

Elevate your puppy’s walking routine with our meticulously crafted Puppy Choke Lead with Collar, combining durability, functionality, and convenience for memorable outings every time.

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