Varieo+ Extra White Dog Shampoo

Introducing Varieo+ Extra White Dog Shampoo, specially crafted for dogs with white fur. This premium formula features medical whitening ingredients to repair damaged fur, while locking in moisture for a shiny, smooth coat. Gentle yet effective, it restores brightness without harsh bleaching agents, ensuring your furry friend stays clean and healthy.


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Elevate Your Dog’s Grooming Routine with Varieo+ Extra White Dog Shampoo

Give your furry companion the care they deserve with Varieo+ Extra White Dog Shampoo. Specially formulated for dogs with white fur, this premium shampoo boasts medical whitening ingredients that effectively repair damaged fur while locking in essential moisture.

Gentle Yet Effective Whitening

Say goodbye to harsh bleaching agents! Varieo+ Extra White Dog Shampoo gently restores brightness to your dog’s coat without compromising their health. Our gentle formula is designed to decompose fur stains effectively, leaving your furry friend looking pristine without any discomfort.

Moisturizing Properties for a Smooth Coat

Not just a cleanser, Varieo+ Extra White Dog Shampoo is packed with moisturizing properties. It nourishes your dog’s skin and coat, leaving them irresistibly smooth and shiny. Ensure your dog’s fur remains in top condition with our premium formula.

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