Verieo+ Anti-Mite Dog Shampoo

Introducing Varieo+ Anti-Mite Dog Shampoo, a gentle solution for canine skin health. Specifically designed for dogs with skin conditions, this formula provides immediate relief, promotes fur regeneration, balances oil secretion, and calms inflammation. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to a happy, healthy pup with Varieo+.


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Varieo+ Anti-Mite Dog Shampoo: A Gentle Solution for Canine Skin Health

Introducing Varieo+ Anti-Mite Dog Shampoo, your go-to solution for maintaining your furry friend’s skin health. Crafted specifically for dogs facing skin conditions, this gentle formula offers immediate relief, promotes fur regeneration, and balances oil secretion.

Say Goodbye to Discomfort:

Varieo+ Anti-Mite Dog Shampoo is specially formulated to alleviate discomfort associated with various skin conditions in dogs. It provides instant relief from itching, pain, and irritation, allowing your pet to enjoy a comfortable and happy life.

Promotes Fur Regeneration:

Enriched with vital nutrients, including VE, this shampoo promotes the regeneration of your dog’s fur. Say hello to a luscious coat that shines with vitality, enhancing your pet’s overall appearance and well-being.

Balances Oil Secretion:

Maintaining a healthy balance of oil secretion is crucial for your dog’s skin health. Varieo+ Anti-Mite Dog Shampoo helps regulate oil production, preventing issues caused by imbalances and ensuring your pet’s skin remains healthy and nourished.

Calms Inflammation:

Skin inflammation can cause discomfort and distress for your dog. With its soothing properties, Varieo+ Anti-Mite Dog Shampoo effectively calms inflammation, reducing redness, swelling, and other symptoms associated with skin conditions. Your pet will experience relief from issues like pustules, dander, hair loss, and crusts, leading to a happier and healthier life.

Ideal for Ongoing Care:

Whether your dog is undergoing treatment for a skin disease or you’re looking to prevent recurring infections, Varieo+ Anti-Mite Dog Shampoo is the ideal choice. Its gentle yet effective formula ensures your pet’s skin receives the care it needs, promoting long-term skin health and well-being.

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