Goody Bags Cat Treat 80g

Treat your cat to Felix Goody Bags, an 80g pack of mixed flavor delights. Perfect for adult cats, these treats are crafted in the U.K. and offer 85% protein to support a healthy immune system. Ideal for rewarding good behavior or just showing love, Felix Goody Bags are the tasty way to keep your feline friend happy and healthy.


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Goody Bags Cat Treat 80g

Delight your feline friend with our Goody Bags Cat Treat, an 80g package of joy brought to you by Felix. These mixed-flavor treats are perfect for adult cats, offering both a delicious snack and essential nutritional benefits.

Brand You Trust: Felix

Felix is a name synonymous with quality pet products. Known for their commitment to pet health and happiness, Felix brings you the Goody Bags Cat Treats, made with care in the U.K. to ensure the highest standards of quality and taste.

Mixed Flavor Variety

Keep your cat excited with a variety of flavors in every bag. The mixed flavors in our Goody Bags ensure that your cat enjoys a different taste sensation with each treat, preventing boredom and keeping snack time exciting.

Ideal for Adult Cats

Specially formulated for adult cats, these treats cater to their unique nutritional needs. Whether you’re rewarding good behavior, training, or just showing affection, these treats are perfect for your grown-up feline friend.

Immune Support Nutrition

The Goody Bags Cat Treats are not just tasty; they also support your cat’s health. With an emphasis on immune support, these treats contribute to keeping your cat healthy and active.

High Protein Content

With an impressive 85% protein content, these treats help maintain your cat’s muscle health and overall well-being. High protein is essential for your cat’s diet, providing them with the energy they need for their daily adventures.

Made in the U.K.

Proudly made in the U.K., Felix ensures that every bag of treats is crafted with the utmost care and quality. You can trust that you are giving your cat a safe and wholesome treat, made from the best ingredients.

Give your cat the joy of Felix Goody Bags Cat Treats. With their irresistible mixed flavors and nutritional benefits, they are sure to become your cat’s favorite treat. Treat your cat to the best with Felix!

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