Whiskas Dry Treat

Discover Whiskas Dry Treat, a 50g delight available in Chicken or Milky flavors. Perfect for adult cats or kittens, these treats are crafted in the U.K. and offer a protein content ranging from 21% to 25%, with fat levels between 10% and 25%. Whether you’re training or simply pampering your pet, Whiskas Dry Treat provides a delicious and nutritious option to keep your feline friend happy and healthy.


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Features & Compatibility

Balanced Nutrition for Cats

Whiskas Dry Treats offer a nutritious option for both adult cats and kittens, ensuring they receive the essential vitamins and minerals they need for overall health.

Dual Flavor Options

Available in both chicken and milky flavors, Whiskas Dry Treats cater to different taste preferences while providing a delightful snacking experience for your feline friend.

Made in the U.K.

Produced in the U.K., Whiskas Dry Treats adhere to stringent quality standards, ensuring they meet the highest levels of safety and nutritional quality for your cat.

Variable Protein and Fat Levels

With a protein content ranging from 21% to 25% and a fat content varying between 10% to 25%, these treats offer flexibility in meeting your cat’s specific dietary requirements.

Suitable for All Life Stages

Whether you have an adult cat or a playful kitten, Whiskas Dry Treats are designed to support their nutritional needs at every stage of life, contributing to their overall well-being.

Trusted by Cat Owners

WHISKAS, a trusted brand among cat owners worldwide, delivers treats that not only satisfy your cat’s taste buds but also provide essential nutrients for a healthy and happy life.

Wholesome and Delicious

These dry treats combine wholesome ingredients with a delicious flavor profile, ensuring your cat eagerly anticipates snack time while benefiting from balanced nutrition.

Ensure your cat’s happiness and health with Whiskas Dry Treats, designed to provide both flavor variety and essential nutrients in every bite.

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