Micro Chip Animal Reader

Introducing our Micro Chip Animal Reader, designed to support ISO 11784/11785, FDX-B, and ID64 RFID protocols. With a 5-12cm reading range and compatibility with Windows software, it saves up to 128 tag information for easy upload via USB. Equipped with a backlight screen and intuitive operation manual, it includes a free animal tag for comprehensive pet tracking.


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Features & Compatibility

Introducing our Micro Chip Animal Reader

Designed to cater to the needs of pet owners and animal professionals alike, our Micro Chip Animal Reader is a versatile device that supports ISO 11784/11785, FDX-B, and ID64 RFID protocols. Whether you’re managing a large kennel or simply want to ensure the safety of your beloved pet, this reader is the perfect tool for the job.

Advanced RFID Technology

Equipped with advanced RFID technology, our reader offers a reading range of 5-12cm, ensuring accurate and reliable scanning of microchips implanted in animals. Compatible with Windows software, it seamlessly integrates into your existing setup, allowing you to effortlessly save up to 128 tag information for later reference.

User-Friendly Operation

Navigating our Micro Chip Animal Reader is a breeze thanks to its intuitive operation manual. With just the press of a button, you can start scanning tags and gather crucial information about your pets or clients’ animals. The device also features a standby mode to conserve power when not in use, further enhancing its efficiency.

Convenient Features

Featuring a backlight screen, our reader ensures optimal visibility even in bright sunlight, making it suitable for outdoor use. Additionally, each Micro Chip Animal Reader comes with a complimentary animal tag, allowing you to record pet information on our website for easy retrieval in case of loss or emergency.

Secure Pet Tracking

With our free animal tag as a gift, you can rest assured that your pets are always protected. Simply implant the chip into the animal using compatible tools and register the tag on our website to enable quick and efficient communication between pet owners and finders. Protect your furry friends with our Micro Chip Animal Reader today.

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