Dr Clauder Pigment Active Algosan

Introducing Dr. Clauder Pigment Active Algosan, your solution for a shiny, healthy coat. Packed with nourishing power, this formula enriched with natural B vitamins from high-quality feed yeast ensures optimal care. It promotes flake-free, shiny fur and strong claws, preventing skin and coat problems. Ideal for dry feeding, it’s perfect for sensitive skin, delivering shiny, strong fur with its 100% natural seaweed content, enhancing dark coat pigmentation while benefiting skin and fur health.


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Dr. Clauder Pigment Active Algosan: Your Solution for a Shiny, Healthy Coat

Introducing Dr. Clauder Pigment Active Algosan, a premium formula designed to deliver optimal care for your pet’s coat and skin. Enriched with natural B vitamins sourced from high-quality feed yeast, this product ensures a nourishing boost that promotes flake-free, shiny fur and maintains strong, healthy claws.

Nourishing Power for Optimal Care

Dr. Clauder Pigment Active Algosan is packed with nourishing power to support your pet’s overall well-being. The high dose of natural B vitamins works synergistically to provide comprehensive care for the body, promoting not only a lustrous coat but also strong claws and healthy skin.

Ideal for Dry Feeding and Sensitive Skin

Perfect for pets with dry skin or sensitivities, this formula is specially crafted to address skin and coat problems effectively. Its unique blend of ingredients makes it ideal for dry feeding regimens, ensuring your pet receives the necessary nutrients for vibrant, healthy fur.

Enhances Dark Coat Pigmentation

Formulated with 100% natural seaweed, specifically Ascophyllum Nodosum, Dr. Clauder Pigment Active Algosan offers a natural solution to enhance dark coat pigmentation. Its high iodine content contributes to a colour-enhancing effect, resulting in a beautifully vibrant and glossy coat.

Benefits for Skin and Fur Health

Beyond enhancing coat pigmentation, Dr. Clauder Pigment Active Algosan provides numerous benefits for overall skin and fur health. Its gentle yet effective formula is suitable for pets with sensitive skin, promoting resilience and radiance from within.

Enhance your pet’s beauty and well-being with Dr. Clauder Pigment Active Algosan – the ultimate solution for a shiny, strong coat and healthy skin.

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